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Golf Training Aids

Impact Ball

Impact bag is one of the few training aids that helps you to concentrate on the impact position the most important thing in a golf swing. It wil imrease the hip ratatio by stopping the arms it also will encourage the left arm to be inine with the golf shaft and stop the wrist breakdown at impact. Many years ago hitting a car tire which Henny Cotton once got his pupils to practice was seen as the best way to work on this area of the game. The Impact Bag golf training aid is safe and has been designed specifically for golfers without fear of damaging your equipment or injuring yourself where the type could and would do both. Developing a strong left side while turning into the ball will help eliminate many of the inconsistencies brought on by left wrist collapse and will help bring you into a solid, assertive impact.

 position with the hips leading the swing. So many golfers are unable to feel the impact position due to too much arm swing. The impact position enorouges the movement of the body and reducing the arm swing through the impact area.


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