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About GASP Systems

Steve Gould - Managing Director

Steve Gould

Managing Director

P.G.A Professional
Devon County Golf Coach
Senior Swing Consultant – Danish P.G.A

Mervyn Kemp - Installations Manager

Mervyn Kemp

IT & Installations Manager

P.G.A Professional
Devon Open Champion
2 x Devon P.G.A. – Champion

Mark Hurst - European Sales Manager

Mark Hurst

European Sales Manager

P.G.A Professional
Research & Development
UK Training
IT Support

The concept of the systems produced is to give the instructor the ability to pin point errors in pupils techniques, have the ability to show and compare pupils actions as well as show improvements. The overall experience of the pupil having instruction could not be bettered as the equipment adds an extra element of professionalism of which the pupil feels that the service and advice is backed up by sound evidence from the instructor.

The GASP Advanced Coaching System is the most flexible on the market today. The programme is available at several different levels & price points therefore suiting all budgets. Any of these packages are updatable to the complete system at any time in the future. Comprised with its ease of use, quality and competitive price, this state–of–the–art instruction software is both affordable and flexible.

The latest version has enhanced futures such as an internet based business promotion package which allows you to access the details of all your customers in our database for email purposes. Within seconds your entire pupil base could receive details via attachments about, special sale offers in your shop or new lesson packages perhaps. This helps you to actively promote your business helping to ensure a heathy annual growth. Teaching over the Internet is also here with our Internet Golf School software. This allows global audio–visual lessons to be sent freely by the coach at any time directly to your student. The only cost incurred is that of your service provider.

We are located in the Westcountry city of Exeter in the United Kingdom and have a first class driving range adjacent to our offices which is home to our fully equipped demonstration studio, complete with digital video cameras and specialised lighting.